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James Cole Young

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Thomas Sams

Cole was the man!  He had an awesome talent, and was, during his last few years, very interested in the lives of those whom he knew in the Midland area.  Not everyone knew of his success in the art world, he had several paintings go up in flames via the 911 attack.  I think it was especially painful to him to know that this senseless act not only cost thousands their lives, but destroyed not only some of his life's work but the life's work of countless others.

Of course Cole was a smoker, I guess that's one of the things that made him "cool" in high school.  And unfortunately, this was also the thing that ultimately cost him his life.  I was privileged to talk with him before and after his last surgery for lung cancer and even though he was confident he would rebound, I belive he made his peace.

During the couse of one of our conversations he shocked me when he asked me what everyone we knew in school thought about him.  Never gave it much consideration until then, because he was one of the "In Crowd" and I just thought everyone kinda envied him for his art talent, dance moves, long hair, and his defiant attitude.  But I guess down deep inside, he only wanted to impress those around him and felt a little insecure, just like everyone else.

Funny, I only saw Cole one time from 1967 until he died, and yet I will always think of him as a good friend.


Rest In Peace Cole, Your friend Tom

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