Missing Classmates

AN UPDATE:  Where are they? 

Any help from anyone?  If you have an address or phone number or email address  & can contact some of the missing  classmates - that would be very helpful. Also, you can pass on this information to me, or Mary Ellen, or Tom; and we will try to get them set up on our website.

Also, we have 12 classmates with no address either:

Jerry Wayne Bradford, Barbara Jeane Bynum, Robert E. Glover, Linda Grable, Margaret Hanley, Richard Allen Lopez, Gloria Jean Marchegiano, Barbara Ann Marcum, Pierre D. Robinson, James Henry Smith, Raymond J. Stowitsky & Joseph Tavares.


Kathy Bratich

Just to let you know, we have 46 classmates with no email address: 

Richard Adkins
Daniel Baich
Stephen Brozic
Barbara Jeane Bynum
Patricia Cirelli (Frank)
Karen Forrester (Yard)
Robert E. Glover
Aaron Golding
Linda Grable
John Granito
Karen Granito
Louis Greg Gutierrez
Margaret Hanley
Catherine Hill
Glenn Humbert
Robert Komara
Marsha Kosanovich
Richard Allen Lopez
Melanie Marciniak (Brozic)
Barbara Ann Marcum
Vito Monac
Ernestine Munoz (Wical)
Darlene Palumbo (Wittenberg)
Gaylyn M. Radeschi (Fegan)
Pierre D. Robinson
Harry Avril Short
Frank Singleton
Raymond J. Stowitzky
Robert Tomec
Ellen Viakley (Walker)
Milana Viakley (Tomec)
Robert Vranes
Larry Muffy Walker